Patent for AgriMestMix

In July 2014 the producer of AgriMestMix received a patent for AgriMestMix. AgriMestMix stimulates the growth of micro-organisms, such as bacteria, which transform organic bound nitrogen into ammonium nitrogen. As a result of this process, not only the nitrogen will be saved, also the quality of the slurry improves. In contrast to organic bound nitrogen, the organic bound nitrogen is available more quickly and is more uniformly distributed for the plant.

Higher Revenues with lower Emissions

AgriMestMix contributes to lower methane, ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions

From scientific research of Buro Blauw, it is proved that using AgriMest in manure the ammonia in manure reduces on average with 26% and methane with an average of 20%.

Buro Blauw is an independent enigneeringcompany with over 25 years of experience in measuring Air quality. The Dutch Accreditation Council has granted Buro Blauw B.V. the accreditation for the implementation of various operations by the metering service in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 (nl) (2005).

“I’ve had positive experiences with the product over the last six seasons in the stalls. The homogenous slurry, which can be mixed more easily, is very important when pumping it across to my slurry basin.”

Erik Valk 75 dairy cattle and approx. 40 young animals on 35 ha grassland.


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